Monday, June 8, 2015

66th Week in Japan, 74 Weeks

Transfer Calls Again!

Well this week has been a week I will never forget. So many things
happened that I cannot explain over email. If you wish to know these
things, please call me after the mission. But I will talk about the
other stuff I can explain.

This week was the last full week of the transfer and we had 12
referrals to visit NA's and other people. So we focused in on that and
tried to get them all contacted before the end of the week. We went
searching, and searching, and pinging, and pinged all of the houses,
but not one person was home. So we still have 12 referrals as of right
now;( But we were running around and had lots of fun.

Monday-We went to Round 1(Sports Arena)  with Brother Momose and
played indoor volleyball that night.

Tuesday- Went to Matsuriya, ate a lot of sushi, and had to teach a
girl at Eikaiwa how touching missionaries is bad.

Wednesday- Gave a picture of Christ to Gina. After that we met with 1
NA, Brother Tabata, and learned how he was baptized and why he stopped
coming to church.

Thursday- Watched Legacy for the first time with an investigator in
Japanese. Seeing American made movies in Japanese first is weird.

Friday-While we were looking for an NA, we ran into a member, Brother
Komori, and he decided to feed us dinner that night!

Saturday- We had Mission Leader Council (M.L. 会議) and that took all
day. We talked all about how the mission is, what President
Nakatsuka's plan for the mission is, and how we can start to do
missionary work more like Christ did it, teaching people one by one.

Sunday-Had a great time at church, found out that the members really
do love us, and talked for a long time. Then that night I got my
transfer call to go to Kitahiroshima(北広島) with Elder Nakashima as Zone
Leaders. Doki Zone Leaders! (We were in the same MTC District).

Elder Bickel is still DL and he is going to get a new missionary and train him!

So yes the work moving forward and we will be using the Area Book
application from now on, which means we will be inputing all of the
files from the paper area book onto the, fun, fun.