Monday, June 8, 2015

66th Week in Japan, 74 Weeks

Transfer Calls Again!

Well this week has been a week I will never forget. So many things
happened that I cannot explain over email. If you wish to know these
things, please call me after the mission. But I will talk about the
other stuff I can explain.

This week was the last full week of the transfer and we had 12
referrals to visit NA's and other people. So we focused in on that and
tried to get them all contacted before the end of the week. We went
searching, and searching, and pinging, and pinged all of the houses,
but not one person was home. So we still have 12 referrals as of right
now;( But we were running around and had lots of fun.

Monday-We went to Round 1(Sports Arena)  with Brother Momose and
played indoor volleyball that night.

Tuesday- Went to Matsuriya, ate a lot of sushi, and had to teach a
girl at Eikaiwa how touching missionaries is bad.

Wednesday- Gave a picture of Christ to Gina. After that we met with 1
NA, Brother Tabata, and learned how he was baptized and why he stopped
coming to church.

Thursday- Watched Legacy for the first time with an investigator in
Japanese. Seeing American made movies in Japanese first is weird.

Friday-While we were looking for an NA, we ran into a member, Brother
Komori, and he decided to feed us dinner that night!

Saturday- We had Mission Leader Council (M.L. 会議) and that took all
day. We talked all about how the mission is, what President
Nakatsuka's plan for the mission is, and how we can start to do
missionary work more like Christ did it, teaching people one by one.

Sunday-Had a great time at church, found out that the members really
do love us, and talked for a long time. Then that night I got my
transfer call to go to Kitahiroshima(北広島) with Elder Nakashima as Zone
Leaders. Doki Zone Leaders! (We were in the same MTC District).

Elder Bickel is still DL and he is going to get a new missionary and train him!

So yes the work moving forward and we will be using the Area Book
application from now on, which means we will be inputing all of the
files from the paper area book onto the, fun, fun.

Monday, May 25, 2015

64th Week in Japan, 72 Weeks

Allergies are no fun!

Yeah this week we had some time to dendo in our area and saw lots of
good results from that!

Monday- We went to Sapporo Eki to buy watches, and I found a nice one,
bought it, 2 hours later I realized the time was off, so we happened
to be going there the next day and tried to get it fixed. They said it
was going to take like 3 weeks to send it into the watch company and 3
weeks to get it I will be returning it today.

Tuesday- We went to Atsubetsu for Elder Karaka's first District
Training meeting. It is really interesting to see how other districts
are. I have been in a District of only Sister missionaries for 3
transfers now. Atsubetsu district is only definitely is a
different atmosphere.

Wednesday- We went out to Toubetsu, which is the end of our area, and
at a 7-11 a Philippine woman started to talk to us in English. She was
suprised to see us so far out in the country side. She then said that
she was a Catholic, but hadn't gone to church in 18 years. On top of
that she wants us to meet her we will be very careful
on how we approach our lessons with them:) Next we met with Araki san
and made a baptismal date with him! He is going to be baptized on June
21st and we are really pumped. Then we visited Bishop and got a bunch
of NA referrals from him to help strengthen the ward!

Thursday- We had FHE with a member family, an NA, and an Investigator.
It was really fun. And I really regret not getting a picture with the
family because the baby in that family is so adorable. If you could
see her, you would know why I love Japan.

Friday- Every Friday we meet with Nakazawa san. But recently he hasn't
been keeping a lot of our commitments and goes off on side tangents.
So we were going to ask him about baptism and see if he really was
wanting to change and come unto Christ, but he saw where the
conversation was going and kind of (conversationally speaking) ran
away from it. So we will just bring it up next week. Next Elder Bickel
went to the dentist to get some of his teeth worked on. While he was
in the back, I dendo'ed some Grandmas in the waiting room. They
thought I was adorable and started to tell all of the office ladies.
So I gave them a card with my name and number and told them
we should talk some time;)

Saturday-I got a new disc brake put on my back tire because my other
one was bent from it being shipped. Next we went to go and contact
some of those referrals from the Bishop, but to no avail. After that I
had the privilege to attend my first member baptism in Japan. It was a
good reminder of what my baptism was like when I was 8.

Sunday- We sat in on a 1hr and 30min fireside about the Sapporo
Temple. The construction manager came and talked to us for a while. It
was really long.

Yeah this week was busy and next week will be even busier! Yay! A busy
missionary is a happy missionary!

Monday, April 27, 2015

60th Week in Japan, 68 Weeks

I like good weather.

Hey I am not AP! hahaha!

So now that I know for sure I am not AP I am pretty sure that I will
be staying here with Elder Bickel as a ZL/DL. That phone call will
come on tuesday. This week was really busy. We had to go into town a
few times this week for various events. We had interviews with
President Nakatsuka, a music night in Atsubetsu,  and I actually got
to go and visit the Nagano family, the family that I taught when I was
in Moiwa! That was a blast! I actually was able to speak to everyone
in Japanese! It was the coolest thing ever!

On Thursday I got to go on splits with Elder Johnson from Higashi area
and that was a blast! The weather was so warm, we regretted wearing
sweaters. (Yes the weather is actually getting nice now! Short sleeve
white T's will be coming soon!)

On Sunday we got a referral! YESSSS! She is awesome! She has read the
Bible, has come to church a couple of times, and wants to learn more!
How awesome is that! We are going to get her baptized!

The things that I learned this week:
1. If you are coming to Japan on your mission, do not get a large size
bike. They do not have bags for them.
2. Trust in the Holy Ghost. I knew I would not become AP because the
Holy Ghost told me I would not!
3. If you do not have a good relationship with your companion, others
can see and feel that. Including investigators.
4. Listening is really important. If you don't listen to others, how
do you expect to help them?!
5. Rules are cool. They are just hard to follow sometimes.
6. Prayer is for us. God doesn't need to hear our prayers to know what
we are doing, or to know what we need, God needs to hear our prayers
so that he can bless us. When we pray, it does more good for us than
we know.

Ok Talk to all you peoples later!
Elder Swenson

Elder Swenson with Elder Bickel

Monday, April 13, 2015

58th Week in Japan, 66 Weeks

Apple Probs

Dear friends and family,
        I am sorry to make this announcement, but I cannot send mail by
groups in any easy form as of right now so starting from next week I
will just be emailing my family until I can find out how to use this
foreign apple product.

        Ummm this week was super duper busy! We had splits with the AP's, ZTM
which included two workshops and I-Pad training, with General
Conference on top of that! No time for dendo!  But when I did go on
splits I got to meet 2 of my old investigators in Moiwa! Oono san and
Tomita san! It was really cool to see them and see that they are still

        I got my bike back on Wednesday and it was a mess. I haven't seen it
for 5 transfers and unfortunately, I regret buying a good bike.
Because the shipping company refused to ship our bikes for a while, we
had to leave them in the area we were in, if we transferred from that
area. So I left my bike in Takikawa, it got used for a bit when I was
in Kushiro and got put in storage.  When I got it back, it wasn't in
the best condition, and now I have to go get it fixed. So 2 Nephi 9:51
is true. If you are thinking about buying something nice, think twice.
And pray.

Monday, April 6, 2015

57th Week in Japan, 65 Weeks

Sent from my iPad!

Hey everyone! As you can now see I am emailing from my I-Pad! Because
I am a Zone Leader, we got ours ahead of time;] They are pretty
awesome! Except for the fact that I cannot make a group right now in
my email list so if I forgot someone, I repent now.

This week we basically had no time to dendo! We had to go to the
mission office for Zone Leader Training and for an all day leader
meeting, where Costco Pizza was served;) with I-Pads! Right now we are
still in Phase 1 of the program so we haven't really been able to use
them in dendo a whole lot yet, but when we move into phase 2 it is
going to be awesome!

This week we will be having a Zone Training meeting where we will
have to teach everyone how to program their english and fun. But everyone is going to be really happy! We also
get our bikes this week! YEAH! I hate walking everywhere! Plus trains
are super expensive on P-Day, so I am pretty pumped!

On Wednesday I got to go on splits with my MTC companion and my son!
They are in a 3 man companionship so I got to go on splits with both
of them which is super rare! So that was a blast! I definitely
realized that the way we talk, dress, and appear makes a huge
difference when we dendo.

Saturday we met a guy who is completely fluent in English, but he has
only been out of the country for 2 weeks. We thought he was american.
So we invited him to come to Eikaiwa and talk with a bunch of gaijin
missionaries! He said "can I also here about your guy's church as
well?" We were so pumped! Until we found out that he lives in another
area...but we were still pumped for those missionaries!

Well just to let you all know, I can read emails any time during the
week, but I can only reply on P-Day. So send me all the emails you
want! HAHAHA!(not a joke).  Ok love you all and Find Christ!

Mission Leadership Training Meeting

IPad selfie ;)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

56th Week in Japan, 64 Weeks

Transfers and I Pads!

Hey everyone!

So I am staying in Shinoro and my new companion is Elder Bickel! We are whitewashing Zone Leaders in Shinoro now. ( That means that they moved the area where the ZL`s are and both of the ZL`s changed). Plus I am still District leader. So this transfer is a little busy. On top of that we are getting Ipads. Next week on Saturday. That is going to also make things super busy and easy at the same time. I think it is a good thing so that I dont wan paku! (naughty boy). 

Today time is short so I will summarize.

Got I Pad training by the top guys in the church. It was so so good. The approach with using technology in missionary work is so good. This should really help us to become better people. Plus we can be more effective in our planning and studying as well as our ability to talk to people. I cant wait! 

I found a sweet star wars towel that was cheap.

My trainer went home. (That is some weird kimochi(feelings))

And I freakin love missionary work! 

Got to teach a members son, who is getting ready to be baptized, about the Restoration! 

Ok I love you peoples and follow Christ!

Elder Swenson

I found a sweet star wars towel that was cheap.

Got to teach a members son, who is getting ready to be baptized, 
about the Restoration!  
 My new companion is Elder Bickel! 

Monday, March 16, 2015

55th Week in Japan, 63 Weeks

Hey guys no time today!

I flippin Love my companion and this district! 

This week while I was on splits with the ZLs, President Nakatsuka called me and said he wanted to dendo with us. I guess he had an assignment to go out with the missionaries and he dreamed that he should go to Shinoro, so he came and did all of our dendo that we do! I was so nervous!:0 But it was a blast! 

Tomorrow we have transfer calls and next monday we will have Ipad training! Yahoo! That means next week on Wednesday will be Pday. So do not freak out if you do not see an email from me. 

Love changes peoples lives. So share it with others!

Ok sorry love you guys! 

I got some waffles! That is rare in Japan.  

Monday, March 9, 2015

54th Week in Japan, 62 Weeks

I love reading all of your guy`s emails! Thanks!
This week we had the Mission Tour with Elder Ringwood! He is an awesome guy! I have never had such a spiritual meeting on the mission. My mind was blown. And it wasn`t that it was some special new doctrine, or some crazy in depth analogy about missionary work and other stuff, he just loved the missionaries so much, the Spirit confirmed everything that he said. It was AWESOME!
So this week the other highlight was talking to some Jehovah`s Witness missionaries for an hour at the train station! They go out and dendo almost just as much as we do! And 90% of it is all member work! That is why they have 20 million members. They do member work. We can`t let them beat us!(Not like it is a race or anything...but it kinda is). This week I really understood urgency.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple, full, and true. When people do understand this, the Holy Ghost bears witness to them that it is from God. But unfortunately, many churches like the Jehovah`s Witnesses, do not allow their members to accept flyers, pamphlets, or to listen to anything having to do with other religions. The missionaries at the train station would not even take my simple card. So we have to get out, and go dendo! If we dont find those who are looking for Christ, they might not get a chance to know of His goodness, and His Atonement, and His relationship with us. And I am not bagging on the J.W.`s, they are fantastic people, I just want everyone to have a chance to hear our message! So next week our finding numbers will be fantastic!
Okie dokie I love you guys and I apologize for no pictures(:
Elder Swenson

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Monday, March 2, 2015

53rd Week in Japan, 61 Weeks

This transfer is half way gone! :0 That is so weird! I really can`t believe that I am living in Japan. Tomorrow marks my 1 year anniversary for living in Japan. 1 year ago today I was on a plane headed to Japan! I still remember when I was walking through the streets in Sapporo smelling all of the ramen shops, Bakerys, and old rotting fish! It was like walking into Disneyland for the first time. The only thing that has changed over a year has been me! My testimony of the gospel has grown deeper and stronger, God has taken my Japanese skills and improved them, Christ has replaced my heart with one more like his. I am so grateful that God loved me enough to entrust me with His mighty work of bringing hope, light, and love that comes from His Son, Jesus Christ.
This last monday we had a zone activity at Shinkotoni and played sports! I was a part of team batman (really original name right?) and we destroyed the comepetion. That was a blast! Thanks to my family, I was able to share the joy that Hostess treats bring with my district and zone leaders at DTM. And the rest of the week was just teaching lessons to eternal investigators!
This sunday I had the opportunity to bless the sacrament and it was a super special experience.This week I was reading in 2 Nephi 16 and it talks about Isaiah`s vision in which he saw God. Isaiah realizing his unthworthiness exclaims " Wo is unto me! for amundone; because am man of unclean lips; and dwellin the midst of people of unclean lips; for mine eyeshave seen the King, the Lord of Hosts." Then a coal is placed in his mouth and he is told "Lo, this has touchedthy lips; and thine iniquity is taken away, and thy sinpurged." When I was blessing and partook of the sacrament, my mouth became very hot almost as if the bread had just come out of the oven 2 min earlier. But it hadn`t. Then that scripture popped up into my head and I knew that it was the Spirit confirming to me that I had been forgiven and renewed. It was so cool! The sacrament is the most sacred ordinance in the church and everyone can partake of it and be clean! Isn`t this gospel awesome!?
Ok I love all you peoples, especially my family and Nephi Bushman! (Soon to be Elder Bushman!)
Elder Swenson

Monday, February 23, 2015

52nd Week in Japan, 60 Weeks

Hey everyone!
So this last week I did my first Workshop as a District Leader! It was way fun! Got to talk about how to properly start of first contacts! It is cool to see others feel the Spirit and be edified!
So last monday I went for a follow up appointment with Shingo san at the dental office and the the Hygienist who was working on my teeth told me that she was LDS and had not been to church since she was a little kid! That blew my mind! Heavenly Father used my teeth to find His lost sheep! Yay! So the bad thing was, after she said that, she started to work on my teeth so I couldn`t say a whole lot...but I go back again Wednesday for the final appointment! So I will invite her to come back and visit church! This last Wednesday we went to the borders of our area. There we went and visited a PI who is now an Investigator! Toriumi san. She is an 80 yr old woman who loves religion, and is super genki(energetic)! She moved to this place we went to about 20 years ago and tried to find a Church to join, but it is such a small place that there weren`t any churches out there. So she just waited. Now she is listening to The Jehovah`s Witnesses and us. (Jehovah`s Witnesses is a bigger religion in Japan than in America. They do almost as much missionary work as we do.) So we are gonna teach her let her feel the Spirit! Then we went to this place called "Sweden Hills" in Futomi. The place was just this stereotypical Sweden place. Blue horses, viking helmets and Antlers on all the light posts and bridges. Thursday, all of our appointments canceled on us...which kindof stunk. So we made Steak. Thanks Australia for the cheap beef! Friday was the cool day/
One of our Eternal investigators Nakazawa san has been listening to the missionaries for 4 years. He will take any reading commitment but has not said a single prayer in 4 years. So we thought about it and he always uses the excuse that he is Buddhist and that he cant. So we asked him about what buddhism was and what is the blessing or outcome in the end (heaven so to speak). But he couldn`t answer. Then we asked him about his specific class of buddhism that he is aligned with and it`s main essential requirement is prayer to Buddha. So we asked him if he was doing that and he said no. The whole lesson really got his brain going into thinking mode and it was fantastic. Then we promised him blessings and talked about what God has in store for us if we follow Him.
So this week was awesome and hard. We walked so much that my feet split open on the bottom. (I am fine). But the joy that I feel fromt the Holy Ghost is priceless. Ok I love you guys and keep moving steadfast in Christ!
Elder Swenson

Then we went to this place called "Sweden Hills" in Futomi. 
The place was just this stereotypical Sweden place. 
Blue horses, viking helmets and Antlers on all the light posts and bridges.

So we made Steak. Thanks Australia for the cheap beef!

Monday, February 16, 2015

51st Week in Japan, 59 Weeks

This week was super busy! Tuesday we had the doctors from the Asian North Area come and talk to us about a bunch of health tips and concerns. They were a lot of fun and gave us some good info on how to be healthier missionaries. Next we had some workshops and testimonies from some soon to be returning missionaries. And then, we were finally able to watch Meet the Mormons! It was so good! It really was like a documentary but really fun and true.  And the fun didn`t stop there! Next we went to go and see my first and last Sapporo Snow Festival! Their were so many gaijin there! I am not used to seeing so many people who arent Japanese unless they are missionaries. So that was fun! On the way home some Europeans were on a train trying to speak in English to this Japanese guy so I joined the conversation and Dendo`ed everyone! It was really weird teaching the gospel in English to people who knew about Jesus Christ and stuff. So if your ever in Latvia, France, or a small Russian speaking village near Romania, Talk to people about the gospel and it might just be someone who I talked to here!

The next day we had Zone Training and that was a super cool experience. The ZL`s asked us to mogi or roleplay teaching obedience to some of our investigators. Everyone felt the spirit so strongly, it was crazy! So the ZL`s told us to mogi again and try to improve. And we felt the spirit again! It was awesome!

Investigator wise we are working with a few Eternal investigators here in Shinoro. Dino and Nakazawa san. Dino is from Philidelphia and has quite a strong opinion on the church. He loves Jesus and likes to do good stuff, but wants to do stuff his own way.  Nakazawa san will keep any reading commitment you will give him, but chuch and prayer are impossible. I do not know what to do with them, but the Lord is really helping out.

Friday I got to visit one of my old investigators from Moiwa, Shingo san! He is a boss! Unfortunately, he had to fix my teeth:( He squeezed me in between some appointments to try and get everything done, but he got too busy and told me to come back today. And luckily thanks to the Socialized Medicine in Japan (Dad dont shoot me for that sentence) Everything only cost me $20. So yay!

Saturday when we were out, it was just about time to head back to the train station, but we hadn`t gotten our minimal contact goal of 10, so I saw the most family looking house and rang the doorbell. As soon as a did a lady and her friend opened the door and walked out to the cars and I was just like, ok that is akward, but she told me to talk to her husband. So I did but my Japanese was really weird and stuff, but I did not know why.  It turns out that he had been an English Class student 20 yrs. ago and had just recently been thinking about coming back! So we invited him and he said he could start coming in April! Go goals!
Ok I  hope you all had a good Valentines Day and keep having fun!
Elder Swenson 

Monday, February 9, 2015

50th Week in Japan, 58 Weeks

I am in a Ward!

So my new area is 篠路 Shinoro! My new companion is Elder Hishii and I am the District leader! But you want to know what the funny thing is? Their are no Elders in my district only Sisters! So I don`t go on splits at all! Shinoro is the dreamland for missionaries. Nothing but houses. It is like the Suburbs of Sapporo. I really like it. Plus, I am in a ward! I love wards! So many people to talk to and all I have to worry about is dendo! Yesterday I gave my introduction in Sacrament meeting, and whenever that happens I usually say something funny. I started to talk about how I like to camp, and camp is not in the Japanese language so you say it in Katakana. So I said kanpu. But I guess in "correct" katakana camp is kyanpu. So everyone thought I was talking about kung fu for a while. It was funny because after church some of the Sisters from the ward came up to me and asked if I learned Kung fu in America. That was a good first day at church.
Well for the most part this week was transfers and a really long leaders meeting. When you become District Leader for the first time, you go to the Zone Leader meeting at the mission home and talk about the condition of the Mission, what needs to be changed, and some workshops from the STL`s, AP`s and from President Nakatsuka . That takes about 8 hours to complete. But the good thing was that we got to eat Costco Pizza!
Tomorrow the doctors who are over the Asain North Missions are going to do some workshops and stuff at Zone Conference. Plus we get to see "Meet the Mormons" and go to Yuki Matsuri (That is the festival where people dance and their are huge building size ice sculptures) ! So tomorrow is going to be a blast!
Ok Love you guys and remember, Valentines day is coming! SO dont forget to show some love to your moms!
Elder Swenson

Elder Israelson

My new companion is Elder Hishii

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Monday, February 2, 2015

49th Week in Japan, 57 Weeks

Where will I go? I informed tomorrow.

Yeah transfers this week! I will most likely be transferring from Kushiro to another area. But of all the the transfers I have seen, this is the craziest one ever. I really do not have any idea where I will go. I cannot even guess. So if you wanna know go to FB and look up the Sapporo page! 

For Dendo report, this week we found a new cool couple to teach! We were housing earlier this week and found them and they listened to us at the door and said we could come back on Saturday and share our message! We went back Saturday and taught them about the Atonement and Jesus Christ. They listened and asked questions and had interest. When we challenged to be baptized, they said they needed time to hear everything. So we have 2 new investigators! They are so nice and kind! I really hope that even after I leave they will continue in learning about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how it will change their lives. 

Thursday we had interviews with President Nakatsuka. I was able to sit down with him and talk to him about a lot of things but one thing he truly showed me was how we can all be saved. We forget sometimes to look at the big picture and focus on our imperfections and shortcomings instead of our lifelong progression. Whether it be an investigator or me, everyone has been given this life as a probationary state to prepare to meet God. This life is more than just the 2 years one serves on a mission. 

Monday we went to go see Japanese Cranes that only can be seen in Kushiro. It was pretty nice to get outside of the city and see wildlife. Plus while we were housing we saw a couple of deer and 2 foxes in one day. Seeing Heavenly Father`s creations reminds me of how much he Loves me and everyone else.

How is the Super Bowl going? Lemme know! 

Elder Swenson


Got goached to a really good fish grill place and ate 
oysters, scallops, and lots of fish! 

Brother Kunigo is the strongest member in Kushiro!
He reads his Book of Mormon because he Loves it!

Monday, January 26, 2015

48th Week in Japan, 56 Weeks

7 week transfer!

This week is the last full week of this 7 week transfer. It is really cool to see how fast time flies when your doing the Lord`s work! Yesterday I was just picking up Elder Israelsen from Honbu and getting ready to train. Now 3 months later, my training days are probably coming to an end. It is really a hard to describe the feelings of serving in a place that you love and the people you now call family. Kushiro is the first place where I have really come closer to the members and gotten to know a lot about Japanese culture and people in general. I have learned how important Jesus Christ is and His love for everyone, including me. I feel like sometimes I was lost in the world of missionary work and lost sight of my God. The numbers, the meetings, the doors slammed, all of those things were bringing my thoughts away from Him. This email probably sounds really cheezy and it is only a few sentences in, but I am learning to love God and everything that he gives me. It is a lifelong pursuit to be thankful for everything that you receive, but it is slowly coming and I am seeing it now. 

This week the cool things have been:
1. Got back to back meals from members within 20 min. of eachother. Almost died.
2. Snowed a whole lot and covered the ice with shoe grip-able snow.
3. Eikaiwa was a blast and lots of people came and had a great time.
4. Did splits and learned how to really teach a good lesson.
5. Gave a 15 min. talk in sacrament about the Savior and the Atonement.
6. Learned that we were guided through the Spirit to find a family to teach the lessons to. 

With bullet number 6 their is a story. We got a referral a week and a half ago from a member for someone to have the Free Family English Program. (30min. English 30min. Gospel). So this last Wednesday we went to go and visit this person. When we went I had the pamphlet for the program in my hand with Elder Israelsen`s and my name on it. When she answered her call box she said that she was busy with work and couldn`t talk to us then. So I had that pamphlet in my hand that I couldn`t give to her, so I just kept it in my hand and started housing (the number one used finding method so far in my mission). I wanted to give that Pamphlet to someone because I already had it out and I really want a family to teach the gospel to. The first house that looked like a young family lived inside I tried to get them to come to the door to talk to us. The mom said that she was busy, so I made a really weak appointment for the next week and told her to read the pamphlet that I was carrying. She said ok and I put it in her mailbox. Then yesterday at church one of the members came up to us and asked if we were working in a certain area on wednesday. When we said yes she explained that her friend had gotten a pamphlet with Elder Israelsen`s name on it. The same friend was invited and came to the Branch Christmas party 2 years ago and enjoyed singing with the missionaries. She was then asked by the member if she wanted to listen to our lessons and the friend replied with "we have been Christian for a long time and haven`t been able to go to church. I think that we would love to go back to church and listen to your missionaries." I haven`t been so excited in my life since...well I don`t remember exactly but I was pumped! So I do know that God is preparing families and individuals to hear the Gospel! 

Love you guys and work hard!

Elder Swenson

New haricuts and 

Cranes that only can be seen in Kushiro!   

Monday, January 19, 2015

47th Week in Japan, 55 Weeks

 Hey everyone!

This week we housed like crazy. Got a lot of contacts but not too many results from them. It was nice to go out and do a lot of finding so I hope our success from that work will show up this week. Last night I was a little "downtrodden" about why we are not  teaching a lot of people and why we were getting rejected so much because of lame excuses like "because you rang my doorbell and my dog started barking, I cannot listen to you. Go away." Then this morning I was reading in Moroni 9 and in verse six it says  And now, my beloved son, notwithstanding their hardness, let us labor diligentlyfor if we should cease to laborwe should be brought under condemnation; for we have labor to perform whilst in this tabernacle of clay, that we may conquer the enemy of all righteousness, and rest our souls in the kingdom of God. That really hit me hard. We not only dendo to bring people unto Christ, but to "conquer the enemy of all righteousness" and bring salvation for ourselves. I have just got to stay pumped! Besides that nothing too unusual happened this week. Sat in some massage chairs on P day, had some weird faces at District Training meeting, and the ward is about to start a PMG class! Yeah! Sorry my emails are so short. I will try to do more interesting things this week!

Elder Swenson

Sat in some massage chairs on P day.

Some weird faces at District Training meeting.