Monday, February 16, 2015

51st Week in Japan, 59 Weeks

This week was super busy! Tuesday we had the doctors from the Asian North Area come and talk to us about a bunch of health tips and concerns. They were a lot of fun and gave us some good info on how to be healthier missionaries. Next we had some workshops and testimonies from some soon to be returning missionaries. And then, we were finally able to watch Meet the Mormons! It was so good! It really was like a documentary but really fun and true.  And the fun didn`t stop there! Next we went to go and see my first and last Sapporo Snow Festival! Their were so many gaijin there! I am not used to seeing so many people who arent Japanese unless they are missionaries. So that was fun! On the way home some Europeans were on a train trying to speak in English to this Japanese guy so I joined the conversation and Dendo`ed everyone! It was really weird teaching the gospel in English to people who knew about Jesus Christ and stuff. So if your ever in Latvia, France, or a small Russian speaking village near Romania, Talk to people about the gospel and it might just be someone who I talked to here!

The next day we had Zone Training and that was a super cool experience. The ZL`s asked us to mogi or roleplay teaching obedience to some of our investigators. Everyone felt the spirit so strongly, it was crazy! So the ZL`s told us to mogi again and try to improve. And we felt the spirit again! It was awesome!

Investigator wise we are working with a few Eternal investigators here in Shinoro. Dino and Nakazawa san. Dino is from Philidelphia and has quite a strong opinion on the church. He loves Jesus and likes to do good stuff, but wants to do stuff his own way.  Nakazawa san will keep any reading commitment you will give him, but chuch and prayer are impossible. I do not know what to do with them, but the Lord is really helping out.

Friday I got to visit one of my old investigators from Moiwa, Shingo san! He is a boss! Unfortunately, he had to fix my teeth:( He squeezed me in between some appointments to try and get everything done, but he got too busy and told me to come back today. And luckily thanks to the Socialized Medicine in Japan (Dad dont shoot me for that sentence) Everything only cost me $20. So yay!

Saturday when we were out, it was just about time to head back to the train station, but we hadn`t gotten our minimal contact goal of 10, so I saw the most family looking house and rang the doorbell. As soon as a did a lady and her friend opened the door and walked out to the cars and I was just like, ok that is akward, but she told me to talk to her husband. So I did but my Japanese was really weird and stuff, but I did not know why.  It turns out that he had been an English Class student 20 yrs. ago and had just recently been thinking about coming back! So we invited him and he said he could start coming in April! Go goals!
Ok I  hope you all had a good Valentines Day and keep having fun!
Elder Swenson