Monday, February 2, 2015

49th Week in Japan, 57 Weeks

Where will I go? I informed tomorrow.

Yeah transfers this week! I will most likely be transferring from Kushiro to another area. But of all the the transfers I have seen, this is the craziest one ever. I really do not have any idea where I will go. I cannot even guess. So if you wanna know go to FB and look up the Sapporo page! 

For Dendo report, this week we found a new cool couple to teach! We were housing earlier this week and found them and they listened to us at the door and said we could come back on Saturday and share our message! We went back Saturday and taught them about the Atonement and Jesus Christ. They listened and asked questions and had interest. When we challenged to be baptized, they said they needed time to hear everything. So we have 2 new investigators! They are so nice and kind! I really hope that even after I leave they will continue in learning about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how it will change their lives. 

Thursday we had interviews with President Nakatsuka. I was able to sit down with him and talk to him about a lot of things but one thing he truly showed me was how we can all be saved. We forget sometimes to look at the big picture and focus on our imperfections and shortcomings instead of our lifelong progression. Whether it be an investigator or me, everyone has been given this life as a probationary state to prepare to meet God. This life is more than just the 2 years one serves on a mission. 

Monday we went to go see Japanese Cranes that only can be seen in Kushiro. It was pretty nice to get outside of the city and see wildlife. Plus while we were housing we saw a couple of deer and 2 foxes in one day. Seeing Heavenly Father`s creations reminds me of how much he Loves me and everyone else.

How is the Super Bowl going? Lemme know! 

Elder Swenson


Got goached to a really good fish grill place and ate 
oysters, scallops, and lots of fish! 

Brother Kunigo is the strongest member in Kushiro!
He reads his Book of Mormon because he Loves it!