Monday, March 9, 2015

54th Week in Japan, 62 Weeks

I love reading all of your guy`s emails! Thanks!
This week we had the Mission Tour with Elder Ringwood! He is an awesome guy! I have never had such a spiritual meeting on the mission. My mind was blown. And it wasn`t that it was some special new doctrine, or some crazy in depth analogy about missionary work and other stuff, he just loved the missionaries so much, the Spirit confirmed everything that he said. It was AWESOME!
So this week the other highlight was talking to some Jehovah`s Witness missionaries for an hour at the train station! They go out and dendo almost just as much as we do! And 90% of it is all member work! That is why they have 20 million members. They do member work. We can`t let them beat us!(Not like it is a race or anything...but it kinda is). This week I really understood urgency.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple, full, and true. When people do understand this, the Holy Ghost bears witness to them that it is from God. But unfortunately, many churches like the Jehovah`s Witnesses, do not allow their members to accept flyers, pamphlets, or to listen to anything having to do with other religions. The missionaries at the train station would not even take my simple card. So we have to get out, and go dendo! If we dont find those who are looking for Christ, they might not get a chance to know of His goodness, and His Atonement, and His relationship with us. And I am not bagging on the J.W.`s, they are fantastic people, I just want everyone to have a chance to hear our message! So next week our finding numbers will be fantastic!
Okie dokie I love you guys and I apologize for no pictures(:
Elder Swenson

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