Monday, May 25, 2015

64th Week in Japan, 72 Weeks

Allergies are no fun!

Yeah this week we had some time to dendo in our area and saw lots of
good results from that!

Monday- We went to Sapporo Eki to buy watches, and I found a nice one,
bought it, 2 hours later I realized the time was off, so we happened
to be going there the next day and tried to get it fixed. They said it
was going to take like 3 weeks to send it into the watch company and 3
weeks to get it I will be returning it today.

Tuesday- We went to Atsubetsu for Elder Karaka's first District
Training meeting. It is really interesting to see how other districts
are. I have been in a District of only Sister missionaries for 3
transfers now. Atsubetsu district is only definitely is a
different atmosphere.

Wednesday- We went out to Toubetsu, which is the end of our area, and
at a 7-11 a Philippine woman started to talk to us in English. She was
suprised to see us so far out in the country side. She then said that
she was a Catholic, but hadn't gone to church in 18 years. On top of
that she wants us to meet her we will be very careful
on how we approach our lessons with them:) Next we met with Araki san
and made a baptismal date with him! He is going to be baptized on June
21st and we are really pumped. Then we visited Bishop and got a bunch
of NA referrals from him to help strengthen the ward!

Thursday- We had FHE with a member family, an NA, and an Investigator.
It was really fun. And I really regret not getting a picture with the
family because the baby in that family is so adorable. If you could
see her, you would know why I love Japan.

Friday- Every Friday we meet with Nakazawa san. But recently he hasn't
been keeping a lot of our commitments and goes off on side tangents.
So we were going to ask him about baptism and see if he really was
wanting to change and come unto Christ, but he saw where the
conversation was going and kind of (conversationally speaking) ran
away from it. So we will just bring it up next week. Next Elder Bickel
went to the dentist to get some of his teeth worked on. While he was
in the back, I dendo'ed some Grandmas in the waiting room. They
thought I was adorable and started to tell all of the office ladies.
So I gave them a card with my name and number and told them
we should talk some time;)

Saturday-I got a new disc brake put on my back tire because my other
one was bent from it being shipped. Next we went to go and contact
some of those referrals from the Bishop, but to no avail. After that I
had the privilege to attend my first member baptism in Japan. It was a
good reminder of what my baptism was like when I was 8.

Sunday- We sat in on a 1hr and 30min fireside about the Sapporo
Temple. The construction manager came and talked to us for a while. It
was really long.

Yeah this week was busy and next week will be even busier! Yay! A busy
missionary is a happy missionary!