Monday, April 27, 2015

60th Week in Japan, 68 Weeks

I like good weather.

Hey I am not AP! hahaha!

So now that I know for sure I am not AP I am pretty sure that I will
be staying here with Elder Bickel as a ZL/DL. That phone call will
come on tuesday. This week was really busy. We had to go into town a
few times this week for various events. We had interviews with
President Nakatsuka, a music night in Atsubetsu,  and I actually got
to go and visit the Nagano family, the family that I taught when I was
in Moiwa! That was a blast! I actually was able to speak to everyone
in Japanese! It was the coolest thing ever!

On Thursday I got to go on splits with Elder Johnson from Higashi area
and that was a blast! The weather was so warm, we regretted wearing
sweaters. (Yes the weather is actually getting nice now! Short sleeve
white T's will be coming soon!)

On Sunday we got a referral! YESSSS! She is awesome! She has read the
Bible, has come to church a couple of times, and wants to learn more!
How awesome is that! We are going to get her baptized!

The things that I learned this week:
1. If you are coming to Japan on your mission, do not get a large size
bike. They do not have bags for them.
2. Trust in the Holy Ghost. I knew I would not become AP because the
Holy Ghost told me I would not!
3. If you do not have a good relationship with your companion, others
can see and feel that. Including investigators.
4. Listening is really important. If you don't listen to others, how
do you expect to help them?!
5. Rules are cool. They are just hard to follow sometimes.
6. Prayer is for us. God doesn't need to hear our prayers to know what
we are doing, or to know what we need, God needs to hear our prayers
so that he can bless us. When we pray, it does more good for us than
we know.

Ok Talk to all you peoples later!
Elder Swenson

Elder Swenson with Elder Bickel