Monday, April 13, 2015

58th Week in Japan, 66 Weeks

Apple Probs

Dear friends and family,
        I am sorry to make this announcement, but I cannot send mail by
groups in any easy form as of right now so starting from next week I
will just be emailing my family until I can find out how to use this
foreign apple product.

        Ummm this week was super duper busy! We had splits with the AP's, ZTM
which included two workshops and I-Pad training, with General
Conference on top of that! No time for dendo!  But when I did go on
splits I got to meet 2 of my old investigators in Moiwa! Oono san and
Tomita san! It was really cool to see them and see that they are still

        I got my bike back on Wednesday and it was a mess. I haven't seen it
for 5 transfers and unfortunately, I regret buying a good bike.
Because the shipping company refused to ship our bikes for a while, we
had to leave them in the area we were in, if we transferred from that
area. So I left my bike in Takikawa, it got used for a bit when I was
in Kushiro and got put in storage.  When I got it back, it wasn't in
the best condition, and now I have to go get it fixed. So 2 Nephi 9:51
is true. If you are thinking about buying something nice, think twice.
And pray.