Monday, May 19, 2014

12th Week in Japan - 20 Weeks

She got baptized! Way kool! Nobuko Kawashima was baptized this weekend by Elder Mecham! So that made us super happy! She took all the lessons in one month after being an eternal investigator for a long long time. She really changed through the atonement which was the coolest part. Tomita san is progressing! She said that she would keep God's commandments and read the Book of Mormon cover to cover! She really wants her family to be strong and happy like American families are "you guys." So if you want to talk to her write me an email for her and I will do my best to translate it! Our newest investigator family, The Nagano family, invited us for sushi last week and we went last night and they have a huge loving family who all speak pretty good english! They really like us and want to hang out with us, learn english, and about the gospel. We met the "grandma" first and then her husband. Yesterday we met the kids and grandkids. They are so nice and they all need to get baptized...(: Oh and we also made friends with at Half japanese half french lady who is a model....we will definitely pass her to the sister missionaries....but she is really cool and would love to hear about the plan of salvation. So that is what is going on with the work as of right now.

I am so glad I was able to talk to all of you! It seems like it was a month ago because of how busy it has been. I am also very glad you said to get the rain suit cause it rained solid for two days. I know the rain suit is a little colorful but it works and Nihonjin think it is kool:) Katie and Kara seem to be having a fun time dressing as disney characters:) Frozen is way popular in Japan. They have it translated all into Japanese. And they play the music everywhere. On the radio, shops, the mall, everywhere. I am doing all right. Still struggling with the language but thats ok. I learned that getting angry on the mission doesnt help you or the investigators. So be happy and the spirit can use you to teach others. In my next package if possible, could you send me candy and a little bit of mexican food stuff. Any american candy is ok and for the food, tortillas, refried beans, whatever you can send. I can buy white shirts here if I need to. So if you cant find any let me know next week! Tell Sister Kenney thanks for the letters! And here are some pictures of Kawashima Shimai, The Nagano family and yeah.