Monday, July 7, 2014

19th Week in Japan, 27 Weeks

Hey everybody! 

This week was pretty interesting. At DTM (District Training Meeting) one of the workshops we were asked to practice doing missionary work like a kiyu yaku seisho (old testament) prophet! That was the coolest thing ever! Moses and all those old school prophets were always way bold and didnt care what people said about them. I like that:p Next day we had Nakatsuka Kaicho's intro party in Atsu Betsu! He is super cool! But definitely Japanese. His english is ok, but I dont know if I will be able to explain myself in an interview to where he will understand how I feel. But because he is the Mission President, Heavenly Father will help him. After the Zone conference party, the AP's, Evans Kaicho and Shimai, and a bunch of others (including myself) went and ate okonomiyaki (cabbage pancake thing that is fantastic!). Friday was the 4th of July! We made massive burgers! (They are a little expensive here, but it was well worth it:p) 

Our Investigator pool has been a little small, thankfully, Heavenly Father lead us to some other great people. Kitamura san, is my favorite as of yet. She had been going to some protestant church way out in the boondocks because she liked the idea of everyone praying and being together. She was also thinking about being baptized but wasnt sure if it was the right thing to do yet. She immediately came to the gen kan after we introduced ourselves through the aiphone (camera, doorbell thing). That is like a dream for missionaries:) Anyways we were able to talk to her for a while and she wants to learn. She thinks our religion is a little strict, but when she sees the blessings that come from keeping the commandments, she will see the freedom they bring. We are actually going to visit her today in 4 hours. Unfortunately we will have to pass her to the Sisters because her husband is never home and doesn't want to listen:/  Young san, Nagano san, Ran san, Ono san, Aoki san, Soda san, and Ando san couldnt meet this week. So we visited the NA's:p  The members of the church are way cool here. I want them all to come to church and tell me stories about their adventures. I just want everyone to come to church. Everyone here is so tired from work and the world, if they just came to church, they would realize how rejuvenating it is. 

Tomorrow we have transfer calls! I think ill be in Moiwa another transfer, but we will see.I want to go to an area where I am next to the ocean. Then every p day I can go fishing:)  

This is okonomiyaki at a members house!
(cabbage pancake thing that is fantastic!)

And this is us hanging with some skaters at Odori Koen on splits!

 Friday was the 4th of July! We made massive burgers! 
(They are a little expensive here, but it was well worth it:p)