Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 16, 2014 - 2 Weeks

I am doing much better! My sickness is gone and the Lord has blessed my life in so many ways. When you turn to him for help he will answer your prayers. The anxiety was caused by everything being thrown on us all at once. It was ridiculous how much stuff we literally jumped into. A new language, an investigator, trying to teach the investigator who has no christian background, no time for yourself, always having someone watching your every move, it was frustrating and difficult. But the Lord is giving me the patience, humility, and strength to endure this trial. The side bag is a little small but will most definitely work well in the field. Is it water proof? Oh and thanks for all the food it was so nice to eat something that I knew wouldn't cause me to be sick. The Character of Christ talk by Elder Bednar is an hour and a half long talk, and I guess you can only see it at the MTC. You would love it to death. If you can find it great, if not, I guess you will have to serve another mission! My schedule consists of waking up at 6:00 being ready by 7 for morning devo. breakfast, 3 hours of study/ class lunch, 3 hours of study or class, gym, dinner, class or devo till 9:30 go to residence hall, write in journal go to bed and repeat. I have no time to do anything. At all. Not even on P day. We have a lesson to teach tonight so we have to prepare for that lesson during laundry time.   Oh yeah and I can only reply through email on thursdays so if you want you guys can hop on the computer at around 1:00 and maybe ill be on. I cannot leave the mtc to go to BYU so you guys will have to take care of my card. My pin is 11000050 and call Wells Fargo to let them know ill be in Japan. Send me the card in the mail as well. The scarf is awesome i didnt realize how much warmer it could make me. (Sorry Im kinda jumpy in my writing i dont have time to plan this email out). We taught our second investigator last night and it was a lot different than our other one. This guy is a bored teen who just likes to hang out with the missionaries. So we need to make him excited about the gospel. I can pray in Japanese and give a very short testimony and that is about it so far. But it is getting better. We have no sisters in our district, which kinda sucks cause I see elders all day, but the district I have is awesome. I have a feeling that I may be the new district leader for the next three weeks, but thats ok. Im gonna end this but I should be able to get back on one more time today to let you know of anything else I have forgotten. I love you guys so much and miss you! Just do one thing for me. In all of your prayers, ask Heavenly Father to give me the gift of tongues. This will enable me to learn the language faster so I can invite more to come unto Christ. Thank you so much!
Swenson Choro