Thursday, January 23, 2014

January 23, 2014 - 3 Weeks

Hey whats up? I cant believe it is already thursday!  Ok so this week even better than last week! Friday I met someone who I knew. Guess who? Tiffany Newton. The girl who saw me at Disney Land and we went to efy together! We were both flippin out! It was so hard not to hug eachother:/ I could only shake her hand. She is going to the Mexico Puebla mission and is currently there right now. She knew spanish before her mission so she only had to be at the MTC for 2 weeks. Unfortunately I didnt have my camera on me at that time:/ Huge regret:/ so I always have it with me now. I have also ran into Jessica a few times. We saw each other a little over a week after she had gotten here. I honestly thought it would be easier to find people here but it is not. It is by the Lord's divine hand you run into people here. Our schedule is so structured it is hard to  see anybody besides your branch. I also met Eli chambers who is going to hungary, and Jacob Withers from efy who is going to Lione France. So those little things really uplift my day. This week with my companion has gotten so much better. The lord has truly humbled my heart and softened his. Our lessons with our investigators have also gotten much better. We have been able to speak more nihongo and less jiberrish.

MTC Companion

 Horne Choro, Swenson Choro, Provo Temple

This was in the tree outside the residence hall.

  Jessica myself and Elder Louis who is in my district and is also going to Sapporo