Monday, September 15, 2014

29th Week in Japan, 37 Weeks


How is everyone doing this week? Fantastic? I thought so! This week has been a little different but a lot of fun! On monday we had a district Taco Party! We made tortillas, taco meat (thank you Costco for having Taco Seasoning), cheese (Japanese cheese is not the same but we work with it), and some chunky salsa! I have to say I was pretty happy to have a fellow missionary from las vegas who knew what I was talking about when I said, "Hey, should we get mango`s for this salsa?" and he replied with, "Yes! But they are expensive so we can just do without them." Mango salsa is the best thing ever! If you have access to this blessing, thank your Heavenly Father for it!  Tuesday we had DTM and on our way to go eat we played a ukulele and sang the whole way to Tsukiya! Music Dendo (missionary work)  totally works!  We ran into a guy who had a ukulele, but he didn`t want to listen to our message. Thursday some gnarly storms went through Hokkaido and we couldn`t go outside for a while. Luckily we had Weekly Planning Session(DKK) anyways so it all worked out. During DKK we found a mis translation in PMG which caused about a 40 min. discussion on how we should be teaching our investigators. I am so thankful that Joseph Smith was truly a Prophet of God and translated the Book of Mormon 100% correctly as to have no confusion and unity between church members. That is why Heavenly Father gave us the Book of Mormon, to "confound false doctrine" and have God`s will. Friday I went on splits with Elder Fukushima and we ate at Marlins again. That place is ridiculous. The food is just too much. (And that is coming from a missionary). So we wont go back there again. But Elder Fukushima taught me that a happy missionary brings more people to the Gospel. His smile and his kind loving Japanese completely changed our housing results. Plus we were able to talk with everyone we had planned to meet with. When people see us they always say that they are busy, but they aren`t a lot of the time. They just dont want to talk. But, because of Elder Fukushima`s kindness, everyone made time for us! It was a great split and I am very lucky to have gone with him.  Sunday we had a Branch Counsel meeting and I didn`t understand about 80% of what was going on. For 2 hours my brain was mush.  Next thing I knew, I am being assigned to make another Taco Party for the Branch "come to church" day on the 28th. So, Looks like ill be very busy that day. 

Spiritual Thought
  If you obey "Every word that comes out of the mouth of God" you will be blessed immensely. If love for God can become your motivation for keeping the commandments their is a promise for you in John 14:21 that I think everyone wants have! (Look this scripture up, I am too lazy to type it out.)

 Till next week!
 On monday we had a district Taco Party! 
We made tortillas, taco meat (thank you Costco for having Taco Seasoning), 
cheese (Japanese cheese is not the same but we work with it), and some chunky salsa!