Monday, September 22, 2014

30th Week in Japan, 38 Weeks

Hello Everyone!

So this week has been a blast! But it has rained 6 out of the 7 days this week:/ The temperature has cooled down as well. We are back in our long sleeve shirts and starting to wear thermals at night now:0

Monday- Ate the best rated ジンギスカン in Japan. (Lamb)
Tuesday- Met a family all about basketball and might want to take the lessons!
Wednesday- Had a member come and team up with us on 2 lessons and both of them are progressing now! 
Thursday-Had my first hamburger sushi...
Friday-Went on splits with Elder Sakae and accidentally housed a members home, recieved a member referral (really rare), got to meet with an investigator who we normally cant meet with and gave her a BoM,   made a baptismal date with a 19 year old.
Saturday- During housing met a lady and talked with her for 2 hours so we didnt really house, got dropped by one investigator, met 2 nice PI`s, and talked with a drunk NA.
Sunday- Talked to a Canadian who was Philippine, to a Philippine in Japanese, and taught the Sunday school class. We are currently in the old testament. I had lesson 36 which is the first 6 chapters of Isaiah. Yeah we will just say that the members of the church are really nice:) 

Right now we are pulling some of the highest numbers in the mission. Elder Hirata is a great missionary and because of his hard work I was able to come in and be a part of it this transfer. We get our transfer calls next Tuesday so I will probably stay and Elder Hirata will transfer so I am gonna have a big responsibility soon. 

This week I got a lot of spiritual messages from all you guys!! Thank you so much! Please continue! Missionaries love nothing more than hearing testimonies and spiritual things! 

I dont have time for a spiritual message today but I will say this. General conference is coming and that means we all have a chance to hear from the Lord`s servants. Don`t miss a minute of it.

Elder Swenson 

The food Jingusu kan.

I found this guy in a bathroom at a convenient store. I think you will catch my humor.