Monday, September 29, 2014

31st Week in Japan, 39 Weeks

SO tomorrow we have transfer calls! I will most likely stay her in Takikawa for another transfer and Elder Hirata will transfer somewhere else. But he really doesn`t want to transfer, and I really don`t blame him. Takikawa is such a great place to dendo. It is a town smaller than the size of Kingman (my hometown) but because we are in Japan, the population is just a little bit larger. So its a cozy little place, but nothing exciting happens here. So when a gaijin shows up at your door, people want to talk to you! It is great! So if I transfer I won`t be the happiest person.

This week we were really pushing church and trying to get people to come to church. Yesterday we had a mission goal to have 60 people come to church. So all this week we taught church, church, and a little more about church. By Friday night we had 7 people who were going to come to church. By Saturday night, all of our investigators canceled on us. It was really a bummer. So yesterday we had the parents of a part member family come, and then an Eikaiwa student come to Church. So in the end it turned out all right. I showed the branch how to make tortillas and we made tacos! I would have included some pictures but my hands we covered in flour and trying to run a kitchen in a different language was really difficult, so I apologize. 

Although not very many people showed up to church, through our efforts in trying to get people to come to church, we were blessed with finding a lot of good investigators. For example にわ was a former investigator who was seriously thinking about getting baptized. But he ended up moving to China for a while and couldn`t meet with the missionaries. So he got married and had a kid and moved back here a few months ago.  When we went and visited him, it was like we were meant to find him. I haven`t met a nicer Japanese person as of yet. So I really want that to go places. Like to the baptismal font and then to the temple;)  Oh and I found out that I won`t be here for the dedication of the temple so I will be planning a trip back here very quickly when I come home:)

Well I hope you all are doing well and love hearing from you! Remember that God loves you and and wants you all to be successful, so if we keep the commandments, all of them, that will happen!

Love Elder Swenson