Monday, January 12, 2015

46th Week in Japan, 54 Weeks

Hey everyone! 

This week was a little more normal than last week. We had zone training meeting on Tuesday, but besides that we are back on normal schedule! Yeah! This week for dendo has just been focused on NA`s and working with the ward. Our NA effort is starting to pay off. We are finding NA`s that have not been visited in years and NA`s who forgot they were NA`s. It is fantastic!  Our finding efforts are not going as well as we had planned, but things will get better! Then this Sunday we had a ward council meeting and all of the missionaries were allowed to get in on the meeting. So we went hard on dendo and the branch is going to make a plan for dendo and a team up calender! It is going to get a lot better from here on out if everyone has a goal in mind and wants to see some miracles. 

So 4 days ago was my one year mark before I go home. It is really weird how fast things are speeding up. Every transfer just keeps getting faster. But i looked back at what I had done to see if I had been keeping my promise with the Lord that I would serve Him. I definitely can improve! But I have come a long way and it is great to see what happens when you start to keep the commandments and love them! 

Ok sorry for the shortness of my email. Maybe next week I will share a story!

Elder Swenson