Thursday, January 1, 2015

44th Week in Japan, 52 Weeks - *1 YEAR!*

         Happy New Years!

Ethan - Mission
Hey everyone! Merry Christmas and  a happy New Years! Sorry you all did not get this email earlier. 
In Japan Shogatsu or New years is such a big and "respected" holiday, you cant do any dendo so we have had our P day switched to today! 

So this past week and a half have been so fast it isnt funny. Last week the zone got together for our 
Christmas activity at the church and had a lot of fun. We did Mario Party Live for the game, then we 
played mafia, and ended with making Nabe, Taco Rice, and Pizza! Oh and we accidently put another dent in the wall at the church so I think we are banned from Kushiro for zone activities... Next day we had our Christmas calls and that was really scary at first. No offense to my family but I didn`t want to call. During Christmas calls everyone gets trunky! But I am definitely glad that I did! So much is going to be different when I get back home! After that we have been doing a lot of NA dendo. In Kushiro there are 20 pages of NA`s. That is super sad to see. People who have the gospel but can`t receive all of the blessings the church has to offer them. So we have been visiting with them! And then this week the dendo has been rough so we did a lot of shizen or natural dendo. We went and played basketball at a local gym and had everyone thinking we were NBA stars cause we were gaijin:) That was buckets of fun being able to play sports again.(In Hokkaido it is almost impossible to play sports because of the weather and lack of equipment/facilities). Yesterday we had our Book of Mormon reading day and I got a lot out of that. The Book of Mormon is not only true, it is the most correct book on earth. I love it and all the hidden mysteries that can be revealed to you through it`s pages. Tomorrow is cleaning day and Saturday we will go back to regular schedule. 

Guess what?! Today is my 1 year marker! I have been an active missionary for a flippin` year! 
That is super weird. The time flies by so fast and so much happens in what seems a short time. 
But I am getting a lot of stuff done as well! That is what I really learned this week. When you put 
the Lord and His priorities first in your life, he will put you first in His and give you the time you 
need to accomplish what you need to get done. By putting the Lord first by going on a mission, 
He has blessed me with growth, knowledge, experience, love, and friends that I would never 
get anywhere else. 

We ll I love all you guys and hope that you will put the Lord first in your life!

Elder Swenson 

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