Thursday, February 13, 2014

Last week in the MTC! - 6 Weeks

The time is flying i really cant believe today is Thursday. We leave in just a little bit! Ill send a big email later!

Myself and Elder Chambers

This Is Elder Moulten, Elder Brown, and Elder Tanner from the last district that just left to Japan.

This is Elder Bills also from the district that just left.
This is Elder Jensen. My first three weeks here he really helped me out and took me under his wing.
 I really appreciated him and he left 3 weeks ago.

 And this is Elder Lammintaus. He is from finland and he was my first zone leader. 
He knows Finnish, English, and is learning Nihongo.

How is everyone? I just gotta say no one sent me that bagel I ate it and made it a batarang. And I am super jelly that everyone got to go and see the Gilbert Temple. I am sorry I dont remember all of your questions cause I forgot to bring my letters with me but I do remember that I dont need a gray sweater just a black v neck one:) 

So this week went by faster than the rest. The time is passing by so quickly. I hope it is not like this the rest of my mission cause ill be coming home very quickly then. 

Last night we had our first Skype call with real Nihonjin and it was pretty awesome. We attempted to teach an overview of the first lesson in PMG. She was basically correcting us most of the time and it was quite a wake up call to how it really is going to be.

This week we did not get any new missionaries in our branch. So our branch shrunk a lot. That also means that I might be giving a talk on sunday in 日本語. That will be fun...the spirit will have to basically talk for me cause my language skills suck. The only good thing is, is that on Tuesday we will two Japanese missionaries. So after this sunday I hopefully will not have to speak.

Funny thing. So I dont know why but, the Branch presidency's wives really like me and Horne Choro. We dont why, but as far as we know, it is our great thick hair and awesome testimonies. I might have told you before but Horne Choro is from Gilbert and is also going to Saporro. We get along pretty well you can see from the picture will be good friends:p Plus this week I met another friend from EFY and also Jenna Jay. She is going to New Mexico and I have yet to have taken pictures with either of them yet. So next week you should get some of those.

Oh and I found out that I am allowed to call you from the airport right before I go so ill let you know the thursday before I go what my travel arrangements are so when I call hopefully all the fam bam can be there. 

Sorry I feel like I should be saying a lot more, but the same thing happens everyday. We go to class. We eat. We study. We go to Gym. Repeat that for two months and that is the MTC.
The only thing that changes everyday is my growth in spirituality and maybe a little japanese learning. 

I just want to let you all know that I love you and that I am truly changing and becoming a better person and missionary. Write me bunches and maybe send me your testimonies cause their is nothing more uplifting!

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