Thursday, February 27, 2014

Packing Up!!! - 8 Weeks


How is everyone doing? Oh my gosh I leave on Monday! wahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to get out of Spirit Prison! Monday morning we leave at 4:30 to go to SLC airport, then at 8:30 we fly to L.A.X. where we will have a layover from 9:50 to 11:50. That is probably when I will call you. The phone card that I bought will only allow me to make a couple of calls so when I call, someone really should pick up:) Please let me know who's phone I should call so I dont waste my call card. Ill only be able to talk for about 10 or 15 min. so if everyone who wants to talk to me wants to be there that would be awesome! After that I will be flying from L.A.X. To Tokyo where I will have another hour layover and I will have to get on Nippon Airways for another 2 1/2 hour flight to Sapporo. We will reach Sapporo at about 8:30 pm our time I believe, not sure about that. Then after we get there we will go through customs, which may take a while, and then they will send my 2 big bags to my first area while i take my cary on with a couple of days worth of stuff and go to the mission home.

Thanks for sending the sweaters and my shoes! I cannot tell you how comfortable they are I am wearing them right now. Plus everyone digs my sweaters:) Today we begin packing and weighing our stuff to see what books and what stuff we need to take. Ill probably send some stuff home saturday or sooner. I may send it to emily by way of Sensei:p  they said they  could drop stuff off to people at BYU, so I may just have them do that for free:) So Emily if I could get your appt. address that would be awesome:) Oh and if the bank hasnt been called yet that I will be making large withdraws and will be using my debit card in Nihon, can you do that? Thanks a bunch:)

Well nothing super cool happened this week. I dont know if I already told you but the apostles I have had the privilege of listening to live here were Elder Bednar and Elder Holland. Two of the coolest apostles ever:) OH and a funny youtube video you need to watch is Apostles reeses peanut butter cup:) It is awesome:)

My Nihongo is improving so much. It is ridiculous how much we have learned in 9 weeks. We actually had one of our investigators say he wants to be baptized! So that means that our Nihongo is getting way better:) Oh on Monday I ran into sister welch! She didnt recognize me at first but then she was like oh my gosh I used to babysit you! She works here at the MTC training the sisters who work at visitor centers. So that was kool:)

I got my Katakana name tag this week which I will wear in Nihon! Ill send you my english one in the package.

This is everyone who is going to sapporo in our branch and 2 others from the other branch!

I gotta go pack Ill try to get on later!
I got my Katakana name tag this week which I will wear in Nihon!

This is everyone who is going to sapporo in our branch and 2 others from the other branch!
And this is Elder Withers who I went to Efy with and he is going to Lyon France! (Jacob)

Yeah my address for my mission should still be on FB. That was the last picture that I posted on my page. But you should still be able to look that up on if not, let me know and I will send you an email on Saturday. I found out that my snowpants are gonna be awesome in the winter, but in the summer ill die if i wear them when it rains. So I will probably be buying rain pants when I get there. Besides that I am looking pretty good! So next email is either gonna be saturday night or from Japan! YEAH!

I love you and thanks for all the support!