Thursday, February 6, 2014

Long days short weeks - 5 Weeks

Hey みなさん!

Ok answers from dear elder.

No I dont need the red sidebag. Im not having full coherent conversations in Japanese yet but I am working on it. Special things to send me would be pictures if you can, a black and some other color sweater if you could. I found out that in Sapporo the likeliness of me not wearing a suit is not there. My teacher her went to Sapporo on his mission and said he wore just a white shirt and slacks only twice on his mission. So i might be sending those pants back to you so I can have them when I come back:) Oh and if anyone wants to email me let them forward the email to you so you can send it via dear elder. Nothing is better than getting mail at lunch or dinner.

And yeah this week went by so fast I dont know where to begin. Friday and Saturday are the longest days of the week. Especially Saturday because we have gym after dinner and then personal, comp., and language study at night. But after Sunday rolls around it is already Thursday. This morning we did initiatories but the other weeks we did the endowment sessions. I have seen the new video 3 times. It is pretty awesome. They give you a whole new perspective on what is going on. Idk if you guys will like it or not, but it is still good. Lots of emotion, music, and Satan dresses like a boss. But hearing the initiatories again was awesome. Plus when we go to the temple they have real food there. It is so good. Oh if you send me food dont send too many cans. Like i said earlier I have no time to do anything. I am always either in class, or studying in class. 

This last Tuesday we had a member from the quorum of the seventy, Brother Evans, who is over the missionary work in the church. He helps to select places where missionaries go and gets to work with the apostles all the time. Anyways he gave an amazing talk that fit in really well with Patriarchal Blessing and that clarified a lot of things. The talks at the MTC are so inspired. Heavenly Father knows exactly what I need and gives it to me through other people. I highly suggest Emily working at the MTC just so she can hear some of the amazing talks that they give. At the MTC the apostles are allowed to be more like themselves. I didnt realize how かこいElder Bednar and Elder Holland were until I got here. Back to the talk on Tuesday, there has been a trend that a lot of the missionaries are noticing. Almost all of the leaders or speakers who have spoken to us have been related to Japan somehow. At least half of all the leaders in devotionals have served and been mission presidents in 日本. Plus a lot of the missionaries in our district say that their Patriarchal Blessing has leadership in the church mentioned in it. It is way cool to know that Japan will help me to become a better person and Father. Im meant to go to Japan for that, but I feel like their is more.

We only have three 1/2 weeks left here!:D I hope it goes by faster though. I cant wait to get into the field. I know I am preparing here, but the field will always be better. 

So i ate the bagel and it looked like a batarang and I threw it at a こひ.

And this is who we play basketball with at gym time. The sisters can only guard sisters and we can only play 3 on 3 or 2 on 2.
 So i ate the bagel and it looked like a batarang and I threw it at a こひ.
 And this is who we play basketball with at gym time. The sisters can only guard sisters and we can only play 3 on 3 or 2 on 2.
oh yeah that is Elder Sabat, Elder Barton, Elder Horne (Gilbert), myself, Sister Mclosky, and I cant remember the last ones name to save my life.

I love you all and please read the BoM! The もるもんしょ is essential in becoming converted to the gospel. Testimony and conversion are different in so many ways I didnt even know.