Monday, April 21, 2014

8th Week In Japan - 16 Weeks

8th Week In Japan

Date: April 21, 2014 
Companion: Elder Mecham

Ok so, Elder Sunny Bunny is a stuffed animal that a rather "rambuncious?" person who carries those with her everywhere and takes pictures of them with missionaries. She is super fun! And thanks for the package! And for the card send it to Honbu or the mission home.  They deliver all mail from there to the apartments. 

 I am still in Moiwa with Meceham Choro and will probably be here for the next transfer as well. I am also going to be teaching the advanced or fluent English class on Tuesdays from now on. They are super cool people who have more than enough means to do what they want in life so they have a ton of exciting stories and lives. 

Ono san is finally progressing and has decided to read the Book of Mormon! The Tomita Kazoku here, is also progressing. She did not accept the baptismal invitation yet, but we will continue to work with her!  She has a husband who is a traveling bank man. He works all around Hokkaido so he is gone most of the day. 

Tomita Kazoku

The weather is finally staying warm, except for the wind, during the day, and gets cold at night. This is Palomaki Choro and he just went home to Finland. And the other guy is a juggler we met at Odori Koen.