Monday, April 28, 2014

9th Week In Japan - 17 Weeks

9th Week In Japan

Date: April 28, 2014 
Companion: Elder Mecham

Oh my gosh! That is like 3 or 4 visits to the ER now?! Looks like I need to work harder out here so you all stop getting sick! The package got here on Wednesday or Thursday so I am sorry no money back:/ But thanks so much for all the stuff! If I would have known that it costs that much I wouldnt have asked for all that stuff. I am sorry. I can buy new stuff for less than that price here. So as soon as the card comes in I hopefully wont have to have you all spend so much time and money on me. Ok so here is the important news.

We are setting up the phone calls for mothers day and I will be calling from 8-9 a.m. May 11th Japan time. So the call will reach you on Sunday from 4-5 p.m. May 10th Arizona time.  I will send you another email after this with more info. But it is only for family and close friends so I cant have a party on the phone;p

I am glad that you got the letter from Oda Shimai! She is the most Dendo (mission term used for any missionary verb) motivated person ever. If Oda Shimai was on a mission the world would be converted. She has been coming to our English class for a long long time. She is now fluent in English because of it and wrote you that letter. I edited a few things before she sent it but she is super awesome!

This week Elder Aoyagi from the quorum of the 70's came and talked to us about finding and having hope. I now know who I am supposed to find and not to be discouraged when the people dont listen. Heavenly Father knows who he wants in his church. So he will direct those people to us.

Ono san read the intro to the Book of Mormon and is slowly progressing. Tomita san was sick so we couldnt teach her yesterday, but she came to English class on Tuesday and enjoyed it. Besides that we are just finding and riding our bikes everywhere!

So my wish list for this week:p

2. If everyone could send me there conversion stories that would be great. I need to use you all in my lessons!

I love you all and stay Healthy!

Elder Swenson

This is the view from the window I sleep next to at night.

 Thanks for the Package!

Oh and Elder Horne and I reunited at Zone Conference!