Monday, April 7, 2014

6th Week in Japan - 14 Weeks

6th Week in Japan

Date: April 07, 2014 
Companion: Elder Mecham


I am doing very good! The tracting is not turning out very well but we are gonna go till we find the Lord's Elect! The family you are probably referring to is the Tomita Kazoku. She has 2 kids and we want her to recieve baptism so bad! But she said she couldnt meet with us over spring break so we have had to wait 2 weeks. Thankfully on the 10th we will be able to talk to her again. My week has been getting better and thankyou for your prayers and the work hard stuff. I do need to work harder and be more enthusiastic. It is so easy to get down on yourself especially when you dont know the language and your faith is small and still growing.

We dont watch conference till this weekend but I am so excited to watch it! And about the package it is totally alright. In fact my list may have gotten a bit bigger....(; If you could send me my black rockports and black nice leather shoes that would be great. The shoes I have bought for the mission are too big. When I wear them with my big wool socks they are fine. But when it is summer time and everything is hot humid and nasty,(and it has been getting that way lately), my shoes dont fit. So if you could do that that would be great:)Oh and American toothpaste:)

The people are really hard to talk to here. Like they really dont understand what christianity is and that we only want to talk to other christians. everyone just says they are buddist and closes their doors or hang up there doorbell camera. But we will keep trying. I am sad that Evans Kaichou and Evans Shimai have to go but the new President will be great and I will love him. And yes he is japanese.

I love you and hope your doing well keep up the hard work!

Elder Swenson