Monday, March 31, 2014

5th Week in Japan - 13 Weeks

5th Week in Japan

Date: March 31, 2014 
Companion: Elder Mecham

Ethan Swenson

to me

So everything is going alright here. I really struggled with the Language this week and Elder Mecham is pushing me so i can learn faster. The weather is definitely warming up. We actually are riding bikes now and my bike is super cool. Tracting and teaching are going allright.  We only have one solid investigator who wont read the BoM and it is super frustrating.But besides that we are housing like a boss.

Okay so if you want to do the blog that is entirely up to you. I dont really care. But I think it is hilarious how you two are emailing each other. And no I wasnt in the videos they did all that about a month or so before I got to the mission.

We do a lot of our own cooking. I have only eaten twice with other people. And the cooking here is most definitely not the same. Here it is speed, rice, and no cheese or meat. And if there is meat it is a small amount. But it still is good food.

I am buying light rain pants today and maybe some other shopping. Plus I am gonna try and call wells fargo for my new pin number. i just dont get it why we signed up for a dual account and they wont let you do it for me. So anyways, if in the package you send me, could you send tortillas as well? They dont have those here and I miss mexican food a lot. I love you and keep working hard. Maybe they will make you principle!:p

Elder Swenson