Monday, June 16, 2014

16th Week in Japan - 24 Weeks

SO this transfer is only 5 weeks and time is flying by so fast! I only have 3 more weeks with my companion!:o Elder Yoshikawa is a way cool missionary who knows Japanese thoughts and cultures (because he is Japanese.)  My language skills are getting way better! I have to speak in 60% or more Japanese all the time know so it is really forcing me to learn the language! But the great thing is, I am finally understanding things at church and in natural conversation! It is really the best feeling in the world when you can understand people! 

Our investigators couldn't meet with us too much this week so we did a lot of housing and housing and more housing. Our finding efforts brought us a couple of new possible investigators and hopefully they will recognize who they are and what they can become.

Cool things that have happened this week! I bought some cool Japanese dress shoes! They like the light tan black tipped shoes. So at first I really hated them, but they have really grown on me:) And the coolest thing about Japanese shoes is that they are designed to slide on and off really easily because no one in japan wears shoes in the house. So it is nice not having to tie my shoes all the time:p Plus they were only $20:p Go Macklemore:p Next, I am now the Beginners English class teacher! It is so much fun teaching english! Especially Japanese people, because they try to say everything in katakana pronunciation and it is hilarious:p Plus the next day I helped to teach Kids English! It was like being in a kindergarten class all over again! ABC's, colors, and games! After that it has been raining, and raining, and raining. I hate rain. You cant street, people are grumpy, and there are only so many people you can call. So yeah. I cant live in Japan after the mission:p 

This work is becoming so much fun. Everytime we meet with people and teach them the gospel, the more I want to serve them.I love hearing all of your stories! They help me do my work, so write back!

Elder Swenson

Oh yeah by the way I had my first experience with Nato this week.
 It is beans in a mucus like substance and it smells terrible:)
 I highly recommend trying it:)

These are my new shoes! They are really expensive new, 
but I bought them at 2nd street for $20, and they are way cool:)