Sunday, June 22, 2014

17th Week in Japan - 25 Weeks

I am now 19. How am I going to BRT now?

Thanks everyone for the happy birthday wishes! I had a really busy and fun birthday! I went to Matsuriya (The best sushi in Hokkaido, but that is debatable and Hokkaido has the best sushi in the world so yeah:) and ate my heart out. I have decided that raw fish tastes way better than cooked fish. And fish eggs are way good. Next we went to the Henmi family and we were goached with pasta, potatoes and other food. Next I went on splits with Elder Denisen and ate at a cafe with an investigator family, Nanako family. After that we went and Shizen Dendo'ed (natural contacting) at Don Quijote's! I talked to a couple of seniors in highschool and they helped me choose a way cool backpack for my Birthday:p Plus I told them about Eikaiwa (English Class) and they might come! Ran san once more, didnt meet with us!

AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we have to change his baptism date again. If only I could speak Chinese, it would make things a lot easier:/ Speaking of foreign languages, I met a Russian Lady this week! She was also very drunk....but still spoke great english!  Our investigator pool is wearing thin. We have a lot of eternal investigators, and the good investigators we have actually live in different areas of dendo, so we will have to pass them:( Young san is doing really well. We taught her the Plan of Salvation, but I dont think she understands the difference between our church and her old protestant church. So we will have to teach or review the Restoration. Soda san read the 34th chapter from Alma and wanted to know how he could improve and grow. So we told him about the Atonement and read with him from Ether 12:27. The spirit was way strong and he wants to learn more! He is a perfect human being I swear!

This week it rained a lot unfortunately. And that made everyone grumpy and not a lot of people would talk to us. SO we were wet, getting no contacts, and my scriptures almost got wet!:O But it is all ok. I have learned that the missionary purpose is not only to Invite people unto Christ, but to also warn the people. If they dont want to listen, they dont have to. It will just catch them in the next life. But it is really nice when they listen though! Another thing I learned, the deepest desires of my heart. I had never really thought about it before until this week and I found out what they were. I encourage all of you to write down your deepest desire and ponder about it. Well I am going to go on a Zone activity to a huge huge park! I hope you all have fun!

Elder Swenson

My Birthday Box!


 This was a Buddhist festival and this is what about half the people wear....

Here is a live Octopus and they show it and cut it up alive starting from the legs and they cut it up till it dies of pain. Mean. I didnt eat it.