Sunday, June 8, 2014

15th Week in Japan - 23 Weeks

Hey mina san!

  So this week was my last week with Mecham Choro and I now have a Japanese companion! His name is Elder Yoshikawa. He cant speak english and I can kinda speak Japanese so its been really fun trying to figure each other out:p So this week went by really fast. We visited a bunch of investigators and re assessed if we should drop them or not. It really is a hard and sad thing to try and see if you should drop someone. But we have to do it. So up until now we havent decided to drop anyone yet, and now that I have a Japanese comp. we will be able to find our investigators desires and needs a lot faster. 

    Tomita san is doing ok. She unfortunately does not want to do anything with our message right now so we tried to commit her to pray and read the book of mormon again. Nagano San took a book of mormon this week and said she would read it. Ono san has a few concerns about forgiveness, but I think he just wants to talk more with us:p Soda san read the Alma 31 and felt the Spirit and freaked out a little bit. When we called him he said he felt something funny and warm inside when he read form the book of mormon. We had to explain the spirit again, but it made me so happy! Ran san was doing really well but he didnt show up to church yesterday and we couldnt get a hold of him:/ So we are gonna have to push back his baptism day:/ The rest of our investigators couldnt meet with us. 

  Today we are having a double Zone BBQ with our mission president cause they are leaving on the 30th and President Nakatsuka will be coming in. So we get to wear normal clothes all P day:)  Sorry today is a little short today. I cant think of anything else to say. I love this gospel and I cant wait till I can speak Japanese!

I now have a Japanese companion! His name is Elder Yoshikawa.