Wednesday, June 4, 2014

14th Week in Japan - 22 Weeks

I cannot believe that two transfers have gone by! It all goes by too fast. This week Elder Christofferson spoke to us! He is so amazing! He is really nice and has the scriptures memorized. I even was able to ask him a question and I got a really good answer. I was able to see my MTC district again and that was really kool! We also were able to go to a real American Sandwich shop that had Sloppy Joes!:o It was the best thing ever. 

     This week we werent able to meet with a lot of our normal investigators, but we were able to meet with Ando san and Young san. We teach Young san in english, so I was able to really step forward and testify and participate more in the lesson. We taught all of lesson 1 and gave her a Book of Mormon. But the interesting thing was she wanted the english version, even though she really is Japanese. Ando san didnt come to the door when we rang the door bell the first time. So we were about to leave but we pinged the door bell again and we taught her about Joseph Smith and committed her to prayer. This week we also recieved a new investigator named Ran san. He is actually Chinese and is studying Japanese here. So fortunately one of the english teachers from BYU who is only here for 3 months, also knows Chinese and is our translator. Ran san is the most Kinjin (golden person) we have ever taught. He is almost LDS already. He wasnt allowed to join a christian religion in China so he wanted to join one here and he chose us.  That is all the major dendo (mission) news.

     This week I had my first mexican food given to us by a member! I was so excited and happy I dropped the first taco on my foot:p We also had a wedding on wednesday and that was a blast. The wards here really treat you right when you get married. All of the young men and young women made a dance routines, skits and other stuff just for the wedding. Even the old people did skits. It was awesome! Today we climbed Mountain Moiwa and the place was beautiful. It was our district activity and it was way fun. 

  Well I hope everyone is doing well and the Lord is preparing people in your area where you live to hear the gospel from you! Their is definitely a reason why we are teaching in english. (I dont know Japanese yet:p) Ok I love you all and miss you!

Elder Swenson